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As the larger publishing firms sink beneath the water like so many Titanics, independent owner operated and internet savvy firms like Twin Eagles rise to the surface. 

I am publishing several types of book at present; esoteric non-fiction, occult fiction and creative non-fiction.

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A Poor Choice of Enemies

by Lucy Dunmore (see Books For Sale section)

It's the sequel to Pictures of Angels, and is only available in paperback at present.  Please feel free to indulge yourselves in the adventures, magical and otherwise, of Alice Chamberlain and her fiance, Jeremy Arkwright, as they try to sort out who killed the person buried in a shallow grave on Wethersley land, and why he was left,  semi-revealed, while her family continue to cause problems and magic calls her from many angles.  Slightly shorter than the first book, it has many of your favorite characters in, and some more to explore.  The sequel to this sequel  is on its way.   
Kindle edition now available!


Pictures of Angels

In the spring of 1947 Alice Chamberlain, 27-year-old daughter of Roger Chamberlain, (Lord Weathersley), returns from France, to London. Her old boss, Colonel Legge (aka 'Leggy') now semiretired, asks her to research a mysterious painting of an angel that he has recently acquired. She agrees, and after some basic detective work she discovers that it is one of a group of seven paintings that are also coveted by a group of black occultists. Whoever captures the seven angels will have access to enormous power. To reunite the Angels, Alice has to use all her ingenuity and courage, entering the worlds of high society and occultism, and facing every new situation with common sense and bravery.

About the Author

Lucy Dunmore has been writing novels since she was 11 years old. She studied the History of Art at London University and has worked as a teacher, administrator and led art and music tours in Europe. Previously unpublished works include The Province of the Goddess which came fourth in a Victor Gollanz fantasy novel competition, and A Sense of Betrayal which was also warmly praised. A Poor Choice of Enemies, the sequel to Pictures of Angels, is presently being written in Spain.


The Singing Stones

The New Book of the Dead

This classic, by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki is now back in print! For more details refer to the Books For Sale page. 

Trapped in Tunisia by John Robertson


When the editor of Canada's Legion Magazine suggested that I produce a memoir on the air war in the Mediterranean, I wrongly assumed that he was interested in fiction. The story I produced, Dressed for Battle, was therefore based on my own experience but credited to the fictitious Ferret Plumley. Dressed for Battle was well enough received to lead to a series of reminiscences which also covered my stay in Malta. But do not be surprised if you are suddenly transported to the Algerian Sahara Desert where I spent a year imprisoned by barbed wire as the guest of the Vichy French. And please do not be nonplussed by references to swordfish. The Swordfish was and still is in many museums, a pre-World War II open cockpit biplane known facetiously as the 'Stringbag', because of its strut and fabric construction. However, it has the distinction of sinking more enemy shipping than any other type of Allied aircraft. Freddie Nottingham and I usually flew together; he the pilot, I the observer. The pilot was usually referred to as the Driver, while my job was to do the navigation, operate the radio and communicate in Morse code. Malta a small island remote from everywhere. Getting home safely from a night operation was always my major concern, so navigation was the most important of my duties. Another important duty did materialize on one occasion, and it led to the story of the Red Handle. The stories that follow are all based on similar adventures. After my release from captivity I was involved in the Pacific theatre, where the enemy liked to indulge in suicide attacks on our ships., Kamikaze is the story of one such attack.


The closest perusal of a British Columbia map will never reveal the location of Jackass Creek. The village, the events recorded in the following stories and the characters involved are all fiction. I wrote the stories in my own Jackass Creek during a halcyon summer, shaded by a giant grape vine and suitably cooled by appropriate refreshment. I hope they will give the reader some insight into village life before Facebook and Twitter.

John Robertson


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